Here is the SOROTTEN timeline... it's been a journey.

MAY 2016 - THE BEGINNING OF SOROTTEN - This was my first shoot! My mum went to Italy so I had to run her shop. I turned that con into a pro, hit up my friends and done a shoot on the main road. 

JULY 2016 SUMMER SHOOT - After a huge success of the black and white OG t-shirt I dropped some fire for the summer.

SUMMER 2016 - The release if the coloured suede hats. This was a best seller! Still got mine somewhere till today. 

FEB 2017 - Cold on the roads collection. Dropped the first SOROTTEN hoodie and started to experiment with embroidery. 


SOROTTENSWAG BLOG - Our first blog. Photos taken in collage. 

MAY 2017 - SOROTTEN TURNED 1! - Shout out to everyone to everyone who as supported or bought from me. There's a few people I am no longer in contact with but you are all still apart of the journey. 

SPLASH PAINT GARMS STARTED - Tees and chocker top.

JULY 2017 - SOROTTEN POP UP. Thank Nicholas for the opportunity to use the space it was amazing! Way better than I expected, so good that I had to do one a month later.


OCT. 2017 - Dropped the Pumpkin Hoodie.

DEC. 2017 - Dropped the bombers. TK got me a ring light for Christmas so I bugged my brother until he took some pictures. Thanks Elijah! 

 FEB. 2018 - Dropped the windbreaker

Big shout out to everyone who always model for me, I appreciate you!

 MARCH/APRIL 2018 - Release of the Picture Picture T-shirt.

SUMMER 2018 - Dropped a lil something something for them summer. Stamp t-shirt and Bottom left.

AUGUST 2018 -  Another pop up shop! this one was 3 days long. We had so many visitors purchasing and asking questions. Such a fun experience and we got crunk ;)

I ain't got no pictures cause some prick stole my camera.

DECEMBER 2018 - Girls night out pop up

Met so many other young entrepreneurs and has such a great experience apart from driving up and down for parking. Shout out  @SWAGLDN @FORTUNE @GIRLSNIGHTOUTLDN 

JAN 2019 - Release of the collection "new garms new me" check out the lookbook for more pics

JULY 2019 - Shoot from new garms in time for the summer and the pop up shop. My ring light smashed into 100 pieces. I am rewriting this 11 months later and I still have no ring light </3 

AUGUST 2019 -  Issa success! The pop up + day party was off the chain. pure vibes and so much fun. It was nice to speak to customers and shedding light on SOROTTEN. The phot booth area was literally always in use, take about vain! Big up to everyone who came total success.


OCT 2019 - My university held a fashion show for black history month and I was super nervous. I even had to talk on stage! I met some lovely people and got to display my clothing.


March/April – NHS we appreciate you - This year has been crazy. Who would we would be in the middle of a global pandemic. The NHS have been our soldiers and in the frontline during this period. 

All items on the SOROTTEN site were put on sale and for every sale made 50% will be donated to the place I was born Kings Collage Hospital to help all NHS staff with food and travel during this pandemic. 


June 2020 - Black Lives Matter - There was high demand from customers to rerelease the fuck the rest of them --shirt. This is something we needed especially in a time we are in. Black people have been protesting and rioting as a retaliation to the injustice they are facing.