Must Haves

Fashion trends come and go but SOROTTEN is forever. As we enter the new year a gift from me to you is to drop gems on our 3 must have products for all occasions and all seasons.   

Bullseye Windbreaker

We can never trust the British weather. During Christmas it was 14 °C and we were going around in bomber jackets now it’s as low as -1°C. Rain is the UK’s middle name and more of a reason why our it’s a must have. We are obsessed with this windbreaker, and it can be worn all the time, but you might have to bulk up in the winter. Under the front logo is a large pocket that can also be used as a pouch. 3 buttons used to keep covid out whilst looking stylish.


Sorotten Essentials

Basic clothing items becomes go-to essentials. Perfect tee for all events, including building a fort, baking cookies, or going for a hot air balloon ride. The black essential t-shirt is made from organic cotton, it’s a versatile piece of clothing as it can be paired with multiple things and you can never get tired of a black tee. New colours will be dropping sooner than you think!


SR Down to the socks

We love these super-soft socks that feel just how they look… smooth. They are very noticeable please, be prepared for the attention you will receive once you put this on. These socks can be paired with shorts, skirts and even full length trousers (as long as you put your leg up from time to time).


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