The sorotten story

SOROTTEN started in 2016 by myself Elizabeth Simpson. I'm from south London and a young entrepreneur. 

How did you come up with the name? Why SOROTTEN? What does it mean?

I used to have a potty mouth. I used to swear a lot. Don't get me wrong I can still cuss you out but baby steps. Everyone complains and always tell me I had a "rotten mouth". When I first started my brand I wanted to create a female clothing only and build it around Spinelli from Recess (she's my favourite character) but it just wasn't clicking. I scrapped that and built it around me. I like fashion and photography. I came up with a few dark names (thank God I didn't go with them) and kept on thing about rotten.. rotten.. rotten. I didn't want to just call it rotten plus that is very likely to be trademarked. I thought of very rotten, totally rotten and SOROTTEN was just it! I loved it. I just stuck.

As I said it was suppose to be a female brand and when I came up with the OG logo my brother asked me to print a t-shirt along side the crop tops I had planned to get printed. He loved it and so did his friends. then my other brother ask and my other brother asked for a top so I decided to make it into unisex streetwear brand.

What is SOROTTEN about? 

It took a while for me to know what my brand was actually about but as I kept on creating designs and taking photos it hit me. SOROTTEN is all about you, the individual and how the garms represents you. I have dropped so many different styles in different colours and someone always finds a piece for them. SOROTTEN is about colour, fun and you. Less focus on the face and more on the garms.

Everything down to the logo is about your interpretation, some may say its a rotten apple and some may say it's a skull. It's literally all down to you.

 In the past 4 years SOROTTEN has evolved in such a beautiful way. It hasn't always been an easy journey but I'm enjoying every step of the way.

Check out the timeline for a continuation of the SOROTTEN story.