SOROTTEN started 4 years ago, it's had its ups and downs I must say. Whilst at university I found it very difficult to juggle both the brand and the degree and many times I would have to put SOROTTEN on hold. There were even times I wanted to stop producing new garms (can you imagine?). But I could never bring myself to stop. If you've seen the timeline, SOROTTEN has evolved tremendously throughout the years. From designs to material incorporated when making our clothing. In the last year, we have focused on using organic and sustainable materials in our drip as the ethics behind our clothing is just as important. Sustainable fashion has grown rapidly over the past few years and that is the direction we are going in. Sustainability is all about mataining over time and/or forever. You may say nothing lasts forever but I assure you SOORTTEN drip is forever. Our latest collection features 2 hoodies, 2 graphic t-shirts and trendy socks all made from organic cotton. If your mate ain't got SOROTTEN garms I suggest you put them on.