Helping the homeless

Christmas is my favourite time of the year because it's the only time my family are forced to come together. I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the holiday feeling especially as this year has been very difficult for us all. It's really cold outside and homeless people and curling up awaiting for the festive period to end. Homelessness is on the rise, in the past 10 years it has increased by 165% in the UK. Newham borough has the highest has the highest homeless rate in London with 1 in 24 people being homeless.


Rough sleepers can potentially face deportation post Brexit with new immigration rules and another reason why I question how the hell did they vote Boris and the shitty tories into power once again. Rona is still in the air, it even mutated! I think they should get their shit together and focus on the problem at hand.

I drive though London A LOT and see A LOT of people on the streets. Sometimes I just ask myself, how did this happen? What is their story? How did you end up not having family or friends to help you though this time? 

So Teniola and I have taken to the streets to spread some Christmas love. Just because they are on the streets and going through it does not mean they shouldn't have that SOROTTEN garms. We gave out toiletries and graphic t-shirts at Stratford, Old Kent road and Brixton. It's not a lot but it's better than nothing at all. Anything to put a smile on their face and forget about their struggles for a brief second.


Things are really messed up with Rona and rough sleepers are more at risk being out on the streets. Our packages include, tooth brushes, hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves and much more (big up Teni's cousin for helping us out!). Just because they are on the streets does not make them less human.

We had some toiletry packages left over and stopped by the Brixton soup kitchen to donate them. We've added a few homeless shelters and soup kitchens if you'd like to spread the word and help someone on the streets.


Caritas Anchor House -

Brixton Soup Kitchen -

Spires -

Robes -

St Mungo's -

Shelter From The Storm - 

Email us at if you have shelters you'd like me to add.