Hi guys I’m Teniola currently training to be a software developer, how fun is that? I was never interested in fashion but the passion I have is still a shock to me till this day. I have a fashion page called @whatteewore on this page I feel to free dressing how I want and showing others it’s okay to have your own style in fashion. 

What does fashion mean to me ?

Fashion these days is it a bit confusing people think you must wear the latest shoes or you must have “drip” from head to toe or wear designer clothing. Fashion for me it helps me communicate who I am , this includes the colours I wear the style of my dressing. I’ve always been the one to dress urban/streetwear. One thing to add never watch what others are wearing if you love dressing like a tomboy then go for it don’t think you need to dress a certain way because other people are doing it. 

What does SOROTTEN mean to me ?

In all honesty when Sorotten first started I was all for the brand reason for this is because Sorotten shows it’s okay to be yourself and be comfortable in what you wear. The clothing are so cool and the colours always stand out.

Instagram:  @__teni @whatteewore @exchangeofficial